Bosco Storage Solutions  is a pioneer in the design and development of quality commercial office storage furniture. Since 1961 Bosco has designed and fabricated more than 4,500 designs of office storage furniture for businesses, government agencies and institutions.

Bosco’s office storage furniture range includes desk cabinets, pedestals, tambour door units, security cabinets, caddy, industrial furniture, shelving, mobile storage, rolling storage, archive storage, library shelving, and executive office storage furniture, as well as office storage furniture customised to suit individual requirements.  

Bosco’s experienced design and development team, coupled with their steadfast manufacturing capability assure a fit-to-purpose office storage furniture solution.

All office storage furniture manufactured and sold under the Bosco Storage Solutions’ brand name has a five year manufacturers warranty on all workmanship.  As an ISO 9001:2000 accredited manufacturer, Bosco processes are designed to ensure quality of the final product. Quality assurance is not just a final inspection of the product, but a strict set of standards, procedures and protocols implemented at every stage throughout.

Attainment of certification to ISO 14001 by Bosco highlights their commitment to good environmental management and the incorporation of environmentally responsible practices in everyday processes.