With the new DiBos digital image storage and transmission system from Bosch Security Systems users can easily integrate visual information into their overall security applications.

DiBos brings powerful video surveillance, evaluation and documentation capabilities to the overall security solution, allowing security personnel and other authorised staff to view, record, access, share and distribute the images and information more freely.

DiBos is a highly scalable and flexible solution that allows company-wide or global acess to CCTV images and related data with advanced features for viewing, recording and remote monitoring of live and recorded images. Multi-image viewing with exceptional clarity of live or recorded images from up to 32 camers, plus an additional 16 IP-addressable cameras is possible. Separate pan, tilt and zoom functions are available for each individual camera. Images can be viewed by authorised persons company-wide or even globally using public or private networks of any standard topology or from any PC connected to the Internet using a standard web browser.

Source: Building Products News.