Bosch Home Appliances introduces its new range of intelligent combination induction cooktops.

Australians will now have access to some of the most versatile, efficient and intuitive 60cm and 80cm CombiInduction cooktops available in the market.

Leading the way in induction cooking technology, Bosch’s CombiInduction features two traditional round zones and two bridgeable zones with cross-electromagnetic coils, perfect for cooking with large pots and pans, including roasting trays and Teppanyaki plates. The cross-electromagnetic coils also ensure precision detection of the cooking utensils used. 

Depending on the size and shape of the pot or pan, either one coil or two coils can be activated for convenient cooking ensuring energy efficient cooking. It’s also extremely safe to use as unused coils cool within seconds of removing the pot.

The CombiZone function allows the user to combine two smaller cooking zones into a single, large cooking area quickly and easily at the touch of a button, making large dinner parties a breeze. Bosch’s CombiInduction introduces MoveMode, allowing for effortless transition between fast boiling (level 9) and simmering setting (level 1) with a simple slide of the pot.

CombiInduction also displays energy use of the most recent cooking process for resource-conscious home chefs. DirectSelect 1.0 control panel guarantees precise control with the effortless touch of a button and allows flexible use with 17.5 power settings available for each cooking zone.

The PowerBoost function is a Bosch innovation that reduces time spent in the kitchen by rapidly increasing temperature levels to speed up simple tasks.

Key features of the Bosch CombiInduction combination induction cooktops include a sleek frameless cooktop that seamlessly integrates with the modern kitchen; bevelled front and side edges simplify cleaning; choice of 4 induction cooking zones with individual PowerBoost function for perfect cooking results; flexibility in size for standard pots, roasters and special cookware (14-21 cm) within CombiZones; QuickStart for immediate start of the cooking session, ReStart for recalling all settings within 4 seconds of switch off; and Electronic TouchControl, MultiTouch and DirectSelect functions.