Bosch Home Appliances  is launching the new i-DOS HomeProfessional washing machine featuring an intelligent dosing system.

The i-DOS in the HomeProfessional machine is a revolutionary, fully integrated, automatic intelligent dosing system that dispenses the precise amount of liquid detergent needed for every wash.

Correct dosing is important for various reasons; using excessive detergent leads to increased water and energy consumption, and impacts not only the clothes and the household budget, but also the environment.

The i-DOS sensors automatically detect the hardness of water, type of fabric, weight of load and level of soiling before dispensing the precise amount of detergent.

A single fill of the fully integrated chamber is enough for 26 perfectly dosed washes, resulting in a saving of up to 7,062 litres of water per year due to reduced rinsing cycles.

The i-DOS HomeProfessional washing machine is intelligently designed to automatically remove 16 of the most stubborn stains, including coffee, makeup, red wine and oil. It does so by automatically adjusting the temperature, drum action, and soaking time before the wash program begins.

Incorporating Bosch’s innovative EcoSilence Drive, a brushless, frictionless motor that ensures quieter and more energy efficient performance, the washing machine also keeps vibration to a minimum with Bosch’s AntiVibration technology while VarioPerfect provides the option of washing laundry with greater speed or using less energy.

The intuitive controls of the 8kg i-DOS HomeProfessional washing machine make operation a breeze. Key features for user-friendly operation include a bright, clear-text TFT display, variable temperature and spin speed selections, and progress indicator vividly displayed on the interface, and an illuminated JogDial to ensure easy and precise navigation of the 14 programs.

Missed laundry items can be added mid-way through a wash cycle while the machine’s door opens 180 degrees for comfortable loading and unloading.

Features also include a VarioSoft drum system, foam detection with additional rinse cycle, AquaSensor technology, AquaStop anti-flood protection, TouchControl buttons, drum interior light, self-cleaning detergent drawer, time start delay, time remain indicator and child lock.

Bosch HomeProfessional ActiveAir heat pump condenser dryer

To complement the i-DOS HomeProfessional washing machines, Bosch introduces the HomeProfessional ActiveAir heat pump condenser dryers.

Featuring Bosch’s innovative ActiveAir condenser technology, which operates by warming air with a heat pump, the dryer ensures energy-saving operation with all existing heat efficiently reused throughout the cycle.

Key features of the HomeProfessional ActiveAir heat pump condenser dryers include VarioPerfect for speed or energy efficiency; 7kg capacity; sculptured drum surface; SoftFlow paddles; AntiVibration design for increased stability of the housing and reduced vibrations for whisper-quiet operation; 6 Star energy rating; automatic self-cleaning condenser; stainless steel drum; TFT display with time remaining and program progress display; warning indicator for lint filter; glass door; drum interior light; and child lock.