The GSL 2 Professional surface laser from Bosch Blue Power Tools detects and displays floor surface irregularities quickly and reliably.

The GSL 2 Professional surface laser from Bosch Blue allows tradesmen to easily detect floor surface irregularities with two laser lines displaying depressions or elevations across the entire surface immediately and continuously.

One of the first instruments in the world dedicated to checking floor irregularity, the GSL 2 Professional surface laser features a 360-degree rotating laser head and projects two laser lines onto the floor surface. If the surface is even, the two lines meet and are perceived as a single line. Even the slightest surface irregularity causes the lines to deviate from each other.

Conventional inspection methods using measuring instruments such as calibers, line lasers and water level gages employed by screed layers, floorers and tilers to check floor planarity cannot map the entire floor surface of a room. However, the GSL 2 Professional surface laser can do so easily with the tradesman only needing to select a reference point to check the floor evenness. Once switched on, the GSL 2 Professional automatically levels itself within five seconds and instantly begins to work. Tradesmen merely observe the laser lines, marking any deviations on the surface.

Using the remote control, this can be done from different positions in the room and repeated numerous times. The target plate, which comes with the instrument, is used at the marked positions, showing at a glance whether the deviations are depressions or elevations and how great the height difference is to the reference point.

Key features of GSL 2 Professional surface lasers:

  • Levelling accuracy of 0.3 millimetres per metre
  • Laser lines clearly visible up to 10 metres
  • Self-levelling within 5 seconds
  • Working range of 20 metres with a target plate
  • Similar working range for its remote control RC 2 Professional
  • Powered by 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery or by four non-rechargeable batteries