Bosch Blue Power Tools announces the launch of a new range of wall scanners designed to provide complete transparency beneath any surface.

Part of the extensive Bosch Blue measuring tools range, the new D-Tect 120 Professional wall scanner features an innovative centre finder function and spot measurement capability as well as three detection modes for precise detection on any surface. The unique centre finder provides visual direction guidance to precisely locate the object's centre.

One of the smartest and most intuitive wall scanners in the market, the new Bosch Blue D-Tect 120 has a measuring depth of up to 120 millimetres. While the centre finder enables precision work, an AC warning alarm prevents accidental drilling into live wire, ensuring accurate, immediate and safe measurement on all work sites.

Key features of Bosch Blue D-Tect 120 Professional wall scanners include lightweight construction at 500 grams; compact design and large soft grip handle for simple handling and use; audible and visual warning signals and LED light for easy spot measurement; colour coded LED warning system providing complete transparency below the surface, with green indicating clear to drill and red signalling caution; rings on the display indicating the strength of the signal, and arrows indicating direction of detected material ensuring fool-proof visibility even through walls; detection of all materials including water-filled plastic pipes; and 3 detection modes: Universal, Concrete Deep and Dry Wall.

Bosch Blue D-Tect 120 wall scanners offer the choice of a dual power source of rechargeable Bosch Professional 10.8V Lithium-Ion battery or standard AA alkaline batteries. With the 10.8V 1.5Ah Li-Ion battery, the D-Tect 120 Professional offers a run time of up to five hours.