With the launch of Hydrapave, Boral Masonry has developed a stormwater source control system which is set to solve the problem that increasing pressure from urban consolidation is placing on existing stormwater systems.

Hydrapave reduces rainfall runoff from pavement surfaces and downstream flooding; reduces the size or need for detention tanks; traps pollutants and breaks down hydrocarbon contaminants and helps recharge or maintain natural groundwater.

The Hydrapave LT paving system is engineered for pedestrian and lightly trafficked areas such as malls, car park areas and driveways. It is laid in a 90 degrees herringbone pattern over a geotextile and sub-base material.

The system can also be used in a tanked system or an infiltration system. In the former an impervious plastic membrane attenuates stormwater before releasing it in a controlled manner or harvesting it for re-use. With the infiltration system, Hydrapave is underlaid with a geotextile fabric where it is proposed to infiltrate the water directly into a suitable subgrade.