The versatile and simple to install Boral Masonry Connex Mortarless Block System is an innovation in building materials.

Developed by one of Australia’s leading manufacturers, this new dry stack system is the first of its kind. In contrast to other systems, Connex is comprised of just three units and requires no additional accessories, such as clips or wedges.

It is faster to install than a standard block wall, saves time and money, and ensures less wet waste on site.

Suitable for load bearing walls, retaining walls, lift and stairwells and as an alternative to concrete formwork or noise walls, this mortarless system can be installed during or after wet weather.

Connex includes three components that key together without clips, eliminating the need for mortared joints above the first course.

The grey Connex blocks are 200mm thick and the system includes three units - Stretcher, End and Corner, and Half Unit. The first course is laid with nibs on top, in a bed of conventional mortar, given that footings and floor slabs are seldom level. The following courses are dry-stacked.

When core-filled and reinforced, the Connex system can achieve the highest Fire Resistance Levels required by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). An additional 10mm of render delivers the BCA’s highest sound rating for party walls between home units.