As the population expands in Victoria, Boral’s brick production has also recovered from the extensive damage to one of its major Victorian sites that was caused by the freak hailstorm that hit Melbourne earlier this year.

The Scoresby brick plant was established in 1972 and has produced more than a billion bricks, the equivalent to 125,000 average Australian homes.

George Cassimatis, Boral Bricks ’ Regional General Manager Clay & Concrete Victoria, explained that the cement sheeting roof of the 25,000 m2 plant was destroyed by the hailstorm, resulting in a three month halt in production.

“At the same time, demand has been unprecedented,” said George. “So to meet the demand we have been introducing some new products from our interstate ranges. The good news is that they are now here to stay.”

Victorians have a range of new products available to them including; Blue Rio (chocolate slate) from the premium Nuvo Fusion range, with the rest from the standard Horizons collection such as Leura (mottled cherry), Blackheath (smoky charcoal) and Windorah (mixed sand) added to the Horizon Classic range. Additionally, the new addition to the finer textured Horizons Naturals range is Fossil (dark brown).

George commented that Victorians love their bricks, not just for the look but because they perform in all weather conditions.

“Brick homes even out temperature fluctuations better than lightweight materials because of their thermal mass. This is great news for a city such as Melbourne, where the temperature is cold during the long winters but can reach extremes during summer.”

Production at Boral’s Scoresby plant is now running at full capacity, with six different brick styles on offer for design flexibility.

Further information on the range of bricks available can be obtained from Boral Bricks.