A new global partnership between Royal Boon Edam and Schindler brings together their respective strengths to provide secure access into buildings and streamlined pedestrian traffic flows through lifts.

Known as ‘The Power of Two’, the strategic partnership uses their combined expertise to produce a security speed gate system that integrates with lift and pedestrian access destination technology to provide users with a seamless journey with up to 50 per cent less waiting time.

Enhanced transit efficiency

The integrated system greatly enhances transit efficiency, especially in high rise buildings with multiple lifts. Schindler’s industry-leading destination algorithm utilises the time taken by the user between entering a speed gate and reaching the lift (typically 5-10 seconds) to call the correct elevator. Security is enhanced throughout the entire process, with Boon Edam’s Speedlane Lifeline speed gates preventing unauthorised personnel from entering a waiting lift, says Boon Edam Australia managing director Michael Fisher.

“The new partnership has considerable benefits to customers throughout Australasia, by combining the best technologies from leaders in their individual fields and making them readily available from one source.”

Specifiers, architects, builders, refurbishers and security specialists will now have access to these harmonised technologies through the national and global networks of both organisations, he added.

Integrating two leading technologies for one seamless solution

As a global leader of elevator destination control systems, Schindler’s PORT Technology has rapidly expanded its footprint into mobility solutions within buildings. The PORT Technology offers its users secure access and seamless journeys throughout an entire building. PORT combines with Boon Edam’s secure entrances to create one slim, attractive and cutting-edge solution for ensuring the secure, seamless and efficient movement of people.

“A key element of this partnership is bringing together two globally proven and established technologies to provide additional benefits to users within a sleek and elegant design,” says Fisher.

“Instead of performing two actions – card access and lift calling – users can now just do the one, and have their waiting times reduced in the process,” he said.

Seamless and secure elevator destination control

By integrating PORT into the speed gate, the user can be quickly authorised using an RFID card or the myPORT smartphone app whereby visitors can be granted access via a web-based colour code. Once authenticated, the PORT’s elevator dispatch algorithm instantaneously allocates the best possible elevator to the passenger.

While the PORT device authenticates and guides the visitor or resident, Boon Edam’s Lifeline Speedlane Swing takes care of the entrance management. Considered as one of the slimmest, fully operational speed gates in the market, the Lifeline Speedlane Swing features a smooth, premium glass casing housing intuitive-coloured LED lights that effortlessly glide along the tapered cabinet top to ease visitors seamlessly through the checkpoint.

Tailgating detection

This product effectively detects tailgating, and the aesthetics can also be easily adjusted to either blend in or stand out, depending on the needs of the elevator lobby area.

Best of both worlds

Jeroen Thuis, group business development manager at Royal Boon Edam International B.V. says: "We strongly feel that partnering with adjacent industries in today’s connected world is a must to continuously offer the best solutions to our customers. Combining the most sophisticated elevator control systems and the number one speed gate, Schindler’s PORT Technology and Boon Edam offer the best of both worlds in one seamless integration of secure entry management and elevator destination control."

Fisher says the speed gate and lift destination integration is a collaboration of two market leaders who specialise in solutions for building access, security, access control and sustainability. Boon Edam is the biggest seller of security speed gates globally, and also integrates security solutions as required into its architectural revolving doors.

Boon Edam’s globally proven Speedlane Lifeline Series is an elegant and functional speed stile that provides a welcoming, yet secure entrance that guides only authorised personnel through public and private facilities, including Australasian corporate, broadcasting and media headquarters, as well as government buildings.

The Lifeline Series can now be installed with Schindler’s advanced PORT 4 mini integrated device – a forward-thinking transit system designed for seamless access throughout an entire building, including parking gates, main entrances, speed lanes, elevators and any required door.

Unlike other common security solutions, PORT makes use of mobile phone applications and smart technology, aiming to ease the user’s movement through the building while ensuring their security at all times – even though invisible.

The integrated units are totally plug-and-play with no additional on-site installation necessary. Schindler’s PORT device is fully integrated into the Lifeline, which has a width of just 106mm in its slimmest model, the Speedlane Swing.

“The increasing importance of speed gates in larger office or mixed-use buildings encouraged PORT to redefine the meaning of ‘seamless’ and further extend the functionality of both the software and the speed lane itself,” says Tobias Friedli, head of design – Transit Management Group, Schindler.


The Power of Two partnership broadens availability of service technicians for the technology, because both Schindler and Boon Edam technicians can attend the site initially, before calling in an expert from the other company if needed.