Global leader in entrance security solutions Boon Edam has introduced a suite of data centre access security products to Australasia in response to threats to private, public and corporate information.

Some of the world’s biggest companies in data management and web services as well as various Fortune 500 companies have implemented these architecturally harmonious Tourlock, Circlelock and Lifeline ranges within their facilities.

Boon Edam Australia Managing Director Mr Mike Fisher observes that data leaks can occur not only because of external hacking, but also due to unauthorised entry into sensitive facilities such as data centres. Based on their experience across top corporate, public and government facilities in 27 countries including Fortune 500 HQs and diplomatic and legislative houses, he says data centre access security is now a 24/7 issue that is often beyond the scope of expensive multiple manned security points.

Data centres face a constant threat of data theft that can potentially cause highly public corporate humiliation and loss of trust, which can damage the company’s reputation in the industry. Additionally, loss of data due to damage from activists, thieves or other threats can end up costing them millions of dollars.

According to Mr Fisher, insurance companies are now asking for strong physical access security to be in place as an integral part of the more stringent risk management measures required to combat these threats.

Boon Edam Australia has responded to these companies’ need for high security by providing their latest Tourlock, Circlelock and Lifeline ranges of access security products. These solutions not only provide security for the entrances to data centres, but can also be used for company perimeters, corporate HQ entrances and designated building facility entrances, as well as other sensitive interior areas.

These products are backed in the field throughout Australasia by dedicated service and security teams assembled here by Boon Edam Australia.

Boon Edam high security technologies

Examples of Boon Edam technologies (such as Tourlock, Circlelock, and Lifeline) include entries featuring high-security simultaneous bi-directional revolving doors with stereoscopic camera vision to identify and exclude threats.


The level of security offered by the Tourlock 180+90 can be adapted to individual requirements using the latest advanced StereoVision 2 technology, which merges two types of sensing technologies - optical and near-infrared light - to monitor the compartment of a security revolving door or portal. The two technologies work together to determine displacement and distance by measuring the time it takes light to travel from the instrumentation to an object and back. This new and highly advanced system can accurately tell the difference between two people and one person holding a box or luggage to minimise false rejections.


The softly arched Boon Circlelock series of security entrances incorporates two bullet-resistant curved glass sliding doors governing access to and egress from a glass portal that offers a spacious and comfortable entrance for the user, while the integrated security systems operating within it ensure only authorised people can pass through to the secured building or facility.

Mr Fisher explains that Circlelock is used where it is imperative that only the right person enters an area of the building. The design blends beautifully with the décor of modern and classic buildings around the world, proving that beautiful form can be combined with efficient function. This combination of good looks and high security has made Circlelock popular in applications globally at government and diplomatic buildings, banks, airports, jewellery stores and high value retail outlets, computer and data server rooms, and corporate offices.


Introduced to Australasia at the Security Expo 2017, Boon Edam’s latest Speedlane Lifeline Series of entrance security gates is incorporated into major public and private security applications in Australia and worldwide, including in legislatures, treasuries, diplomatic posts and mobility hotspots such as entrances to high rise headquarters.

Offering the highest standards in quality, aesthetics and ergonomics, the Lifeline Series is an intuitive, refined and secure entry management system for guiding and managing people flow through to secured areas of buildings. The Lifeline Series interacts with those who approach it, guiding the flow of high visitor levels and acting as a boundary between public and private worlds.

Boon Edam Australia National Sales Manager, Mr Alastair Russell says Lifeline is unique to the industry in that it has approach sensors, which allow the unit to sleep until someone comes within range of the sensor. Buildings focussed on sustainability and energy efficiency can benefit from the Lifeline Series.

Mr Russell adds that the Lifeline Series is one of Boon Edam’s most versatile and useful ranges for entrance security, because it can be used in so many different scenarios, from allowing smooth and guided disability access through to multi-tiered security buildings, where high volumes of people need to be guided simultaneously to different areas.

The Lifeline Series also features intuitive symbols, ergonomic design, premium quality materials and customisation to fit diverse interior designs.