With touchless security entrances seeing increased demand in the current pandemic environment, Boon Edam Australia announces the appointment of Ben Davies as the new senior project manager to strengthen their service offering as well as streamline projects.

The latest appointment further enhances Boon Edam’s commitment to dedicated and attentive customer service. Davies brings to his new role, a wealth of experience in project management at major construction, property, interior and refurbishment companies, both in the UK and in Australia.

Davies will provide an additional layer of organisation to all Boon Edam projects, and will liaise between the company and the client to ensure projects are delivered on-time, on-budget, and to the customer’s specific requirements.

“I chose Boon Edam because of the bespoke nature of their projects and their unwavering commitment to service. Even in the interview stage, the enthusiasm Boon Edam management showed for service to its customer base was infectious!” said Davies.

“Boon Edam’s speed gates are ideally positioned as a touchless, aesthetically pleasing, and secure entry solution in a post-COVID world. Technology integrations like lift destination control and facial recognition showcase Boon Edam’s growth and innovation mind-set, and I’m keen to work for a company that’s agile and responsive, as well as backed by 140-plus years of being a global market leader,” he said.

Operating in 27 countries, Boon Edam is a global supplier of entrance solutions to some of the world’s biggest organisations and multinational groups including dozens of Fortune 500 companies as well as public and private agencies.

Boon Edam’s products are used to secure data centres, cash centres, financial institutions, government offices, public broadcasters, ports, corporate HQs, scientific facilities, high-end retailers and public and private facilities.

“Boon Edam’s organic growth over the past five years from having a full-fledged local subsidiary has enabled the company to ensure that Boon Edam’s team is ideally suited to the industries in which they work. I believe this is one of the reasons why Boon Edam is able to take customer service to a level that no other local organisation has been able to provide the market,” said Davies, who also looks forward to working on Boon Edam’s projects in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, where he plans to ensure the company continues to tailor its services to the unique needs of each country, as well as each industry involved.

Boon Edam Australia managing director Michael Fisher says Davies’ appointment is a positive sign in such challenging global times. “While some companies might be sheltering from the effects of COVID, Boon Edam Australia has decided to invest in strengthening our service offering and streamlining projects, to benefit new and existing customers now and into the future.

“I was impressed with Davies’ credentials – working with architects, designers, engineers and technical audiences requires intelligence and authenticity, and Ben displayed both qualities straightaway. I could also see that he was enthusiastic about relationship building, rather than selling and walking away – which is exactly the attitude our company demands of all employees.

“Boon Edam Australia’s sustained growth since the local subsidiary’s establishment five years ago is a testament to the advanced technology and attentive service we’re offering the market. This growth has continued strongly throughout the COVID-19 period, and is being further bolstered by the trend towards touchless entrances in a post-COVID world.”

Boon Edam’s service offering

Boon Edam visits, audits and reports on the condition of any revolving door or security door, without fee, to help companies remain compliant with the Australian Standard AS: 5007.

This comprehensive process, based on 140 years of experience, includes not only the standard checks, but also a deeper, preventative maintenance understanding, including potential trouble spots that could become far more costly and troublesome over time.

Boon Edam’s service offering encompasses inspections of complete drive train systems; slip rings and electronic signalling devices; shaft-mounted, motor and electromechanical locks; collapsible door wings, closers and locks; electronic smart devices and control systems; active and passive safety sensors; laser calibration and mapping; door wing brushes; door activation devices; and HVAC/green building issues.

Boon Edam is focussed on creating and maintaining future-proof facility management solutions that meet the diverse requirements of sustainability, security, service and aesthetics.

All Boon Edam work is covered by its industry-leading warranty.