A strategic partnership with local engineering specialists Port Moresby Electrical (PME) is assisting Boon Edam in bringing their entrance security technologies into Papua New Guinea.

As part of the globally leading Boon Edam organisation, which specialises in entrance security technologies for diverse clients including Fortune 500 companies, Government and public and private institutions, Boon Edam Australia is equipped to respond to Papua New Guinea’s increased security focus in recent years.

Integrated approach to security

“After attending the PNG Security Congress, it’s clear that the industry wants to move away from a ‘guns, guard and gates’ approach where more is better. Instead, an integrated and intelligent approach to security can achieve better results, whilst also reducing costs,” said Michael Fisher, Managing Director, Boon Edam Australia.

Elaborating on the advantages of entrance security technologies, Fisher explains that these solutions can protect the front entrance of a building or facility, and ensure only authorised personnel are allowed to enter. These technologies can also replace the need for manned security personnel, who can be better deployed elsewhere. Local companies can, therefore, have better and more balanced security and save money at the same time. In many cases, installing entrance security technologies can be cash-flow positive, he added.

Boon Edam’s comprehensive suite of entrance security technologies includes Lifeline speed gates, Tourlock security revolving doors and Circlelock high security portals.

Local knowledge, global experience

Boon Edam’s PNG partner PME has been operating throughout the country for more than 50 years, providing vital electrical and engineering work for landmark projects such as the Grand Papua Hotel, PNG LNG Camps and Sir John Guise Stadium.

According to Fisher, PME has excellent understanding of the PNG market and has built a reputation for quality and excellence over many decades. They are an ideal technical partner for Boon Edam in PNG and a natural complement to their global experience.

Responding to local trends

At the PNG Security Congress held in March in Port Moresby, guest speakers from Paladin Holdings Pte Ltd and Black Swan informed the audience that PNG-based companies spent on average 4-8% of operating revenue on security – this is the highest in the world, and four times the regional average.

“A general theme of the conference was that security was a necessary expense when operating in PNG to ensure the safety of staff and equipment. Enhancing the cost-efficiency and using security in the most efficient way possible is top of mind for PNG companies, many of which are local offices of global organisations,” said Fisher.

PME Director Troy Ware says that there is great potential for the high quality entrance security products being introduced by Boon Edam in the PNG market, particularly in urban areas.

“For the first time in history, more people are living in urban areas than in rural ones in PNG, with Port Moresby being the largest contributor to this statistic. To meet duty of care requirements, companies in these areas need to employ adequate security measures that protect staff and visitors to their building. This is an area where highly effective entrance security technologies, such as those supplied by Boon Edam, can not only achieve safety and security outcomes, but also provide cost savings compared with the old ‘guns, guards and gates’ approach,” he said.