Global architectural revolving door and entrance security solutions specialist Boon Edam announces the appointment of Kaleem Faisal to their NSW service and installation team. With his extensive electrical engineering experience and expertise spanning almost a decade, Mr Faisal is expected to strengthen the NSW team as well as enhance Boon Edam’s OEM service offering in Australia.

Operating in 27 countries, Boon Edam is a global supplier to some of the world’s biggest companies and multinational groups, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Mr Faisal is impressed with Boon Edam’s customer-focused approach, including tailoring solutions to exact requirements. He looks forward to developing his skills by exploring service and installation training opportunities and learning the finer intricacies of Boon Edam’s technologies to be able to contribute to the company’s continued success as a team leader.

Managing Director of Boon Edam Australia, Mr Michael Fisher says the appointment will further expand their service offering nationwide.

Mr Faisal will work alongside Boon Edam’s nationally recognised service and installation team, led by National Technical Manager John Powell.

Boon Edam service

Boon Edam’s comprehensive service offering encompasses visiting, auditing and reporting on the condition of any revolving door or security door, without charge, to help companies remain compliant with the Australian Standard AS:5007. The process includes standard checks as well as preventative maintenance inspections to identify potential trouble spots that could become far more costly and troublesome over time.

Inspections are conducted for complete drive train systems, slip rings and electronic signalling devices, shaft-mounted, motor and electromechanical locks, collapsible door wings, closers and locks, electronic smart devices and control systems, active and passive safety sensors, laser calibration and mapping, door wing brushes, door activation devices and HVAC/green building issues.

Boon Edam is also focussed on creating and maintaining future-proof facility management solutions that meet the diverse requirements of sustainability, security, and service while also being aesthetically outstanding. All Boon Edam work is covered by their industry-leading warranty.