Boon Edam announces the appointment of a new engineering supervisor to oversee growth in touchless and integrated entrance security technologies in the NSW market. The new NSW engineering supervisor, Jack Hampsey will also provide a strong customer service offering to meet post-pandemic needs.

Hampsey will lead Boon Edam’s NSW team of engineers and technicians, as well as provide project management for NSW-based projects. He has extensive experience as an electrician as well as in the construction sphere, having worked for major names such as Downer EDI, UGL and Stowe Australia.

“I chose Boon Edam because their products are industry leaders in their field. They are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and they perfectly complement a broad range of architectural finishes available in modern buildings,” said Hampsey.

“Boon Edam is growing by responding to customer needs and providing a market-leading level of customer service. This provides me with the opportunity to grow and develop in this new career direction, in a company that shares customer-centric values,” he noted.

With operations across 27 countries, Boon Edam caters to the requirements of some of the world’s biggest companies and multinational groups, as well as public and private agencies. Boon Edam’s global clients comprise of dozens of Fortune 500 companies including major Australian companies.

Boon Edam’s entrance technologies secure data centres, cash centres, financial institutions, government offices, public broadcasters, ports, corporate headquarters, scientific facilities, high-end retailers and public and private facilities.

“A major advantage Boon Edam possesses is its extensive history and proven track record of its products worldwide. Through this solid foundation, Boon Edam Australia is poised to continue to further advance the positive reputation that currently exists,” Hampsey added.

Touchless and integrated technologies

“I’m particularly excited to see Boon Edam’s global partnership with Schindler Lifts, where Schindler’s lift destination control system is integrated into Boon Edam’s speedgates. This sort of forward-thinking, innovative partnership shows that both companies are looking to the future,” said Hampsey.

Speed Gates

“Another trend I’ve noticed in the building and construction sphere is the move to touchless technology, and I see that Boon Edam is already leading the field with the integration of touchless entrance security solutions into their product ranges,” he said.

The Gateway building in Sydney’s Circular Quay, owned by Dexus Wholesale Property Fund, recently had a major security upgrade wherein touchless fingerprint scanning technology was integrated into Boon Edam’s speedgates, which featured Schindler’s lift destination control to provide a seamless, hygienic and secure solution for the building’s tenants.

Boon Edam Australia managing director Michael Fisher says Hampsey’s appointment further solidifies the company’s growth mindset, despite the challenges faced by industries globally from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As a family-owned company with a 140-plus year history, Boon Edam takes a long-term, view of business. Through consistently seeking to offer more value to the customer, Boon Edam is maintaining sustained growth throughout the pandemic,” he said.

“To support this sustained growth, Boon Edam intends to continue to hire key new staff to enhance its customer service offering.

“Mr Hampsey’s appointment shows further dedication to quality, efficient process and attentive customer service. I was impressed with his credentials in key industries we work, his drive to deliver quality projects, and his unwavering dedication to after-sales service.”