Warrgambi Pty Ltd, a technology company co-founded and led by Indigenous Australian security, safety and risk management leader Tim Donovan was appointed by Boon Edam Australia to supply, install and maintain their world-leading range of security entrances and architectural revolving doors in the Australian Capital Territory.

The global Royal Boon Edam organisation supplies a complete suite of security entrances to Government and private organisations in 27 countries, including major legislative and departmental facilities, as well as scores of Fortune 500 companies and household names in data facility protection.

Boon Edam Australia managing director Michael Fisher said Warrgambi was selected on the basis of its technical excellence and demonstrated record of dealing with global companies and effectively engaging with local, state, federal and international Government agencies.

Warrgambi also brings to the table, considerable experience in dealing with architects, engineers, facility managers and specifiers involved in Supply Nation Certification, which is the largest national directory of verified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

“We are confident also that Warrgambi’s ACT experience gives it the local knowledge to help government and private organisations to continue to maintain compliance with their environmental sustainability, risk management and duty of care responsibilities to ensure the safety of employees and visitors, while also protecting sensitive private and public data, which can involve personal details of millions of Australians. Helping to foster training and technical excellence in technology skills among Indigenous youth and youth generally is also totally in accord with the ethics and philosophy of Royal Boon Edam globally, as a 140-year-old family company that takes its long-term business and social responsibilities very seriously,” said Fisher.

“Boon Edam’s focus on social inclusion is one of the reasons the company received the Dutch royal imprimatur, which is only given to companies held in high esteem, with long-term financial stability and exceptional dedication to proper ethics in doing business.”

As a company dedicated to providing truly global standards of service for both security entrances and architectural revolving doors, Boon Edam sought o select a supply, install and maintain organisation that can handle its complete suite of the most advanced security and energy sustainability solutions, while also aligning itself with Boon Edam’s social inclusivity commitments, observed Fisher.

“Warrgambi has comprehensively demonstrated its competence in work for major government organisations, including the Department Environment and Energy, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, and Department of Defence, as well as Geoscience Australia, Questacon national science and technology centre and the National Gallery of Australia. It has also engaged successfully with major ACT architecture and construction companies and entered into partnerships with globally respected technology-based organisations (such as Canon Australia) to supply and maintain their electronic and physical security assets,” said Fisher.

Tim Donovan, managing director and co-founder of Warrgambi, and a proud Gumbaynggirr man, says the appointment by Boon Edam is a significant further step in the expansion of Warrgambi as an organisation founded on excellence in safety, quality, operations, staff development and social inclusiveness.

Warrgambi co-founder and general manager Dave Healey says the appointment by Boon Edam is a further step towards fulfilment of his motivation in establishing Warrgambi to create positive social impact.

“And the only way I knew how to do that was by creating opportunities for employment in an industry I knew,” Healey explained.

Healey’s background includes senior management roles with expertise in all facets of electronic security, information and communications technology from sales, design and conception through to tendering, customer and contractor communications, project timeline management and project deliverables, development of project documentation, delivery of ongoing maintenance programs and continuing customer relations post project.

Tim Donovan and Dave Healey share more than 30 years of local and international experience in electronic security, technology, communications and electronic supply, installation and service. These skills are integral to servicing Boon Edam security products and architectural revolving doors, both of which may be integrated with broader building management systems, including HVAC and energy sustainability systems and building traffic flow systems (including the lift systems of Boon Edam global partner Schindler).

“Warrgambi’s skills base is the foundation on which our company is established and on which we want to be judged. But an important broader role – and a strong element of our passion for the business – is to support and provide practical mentoring services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island youth and to young people generally,” said Donovan.

“We are all-inclusive – Warrgambi is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island word from the Gumbaynggir nation on the NSW mid-North Coast which means ‘working together’.

“And that is our philosophy – we work for the betterment of everyone, not just narrow sections of individual groups. We set out to provide expert guidance and input for our clients, for meeting the expectations of businesses, of government organisations, and for advancing the interest of all stakeholders involved in this exciting and expanding business.

“And as we do it, we provide an all-inclusive foundation of skills for youth, so that both Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth have models and peer support for advancement through the workforce,” Donovan concluded.