Bonne Engineering  manufactures a wide variety of sweepers and slashers which include trailer brooms, three point linkage collection, quick hitch collection brooms, quick slashes, crushrolls and used brooms.

Bonne Engineering has designed quality road brooms and the trailer brooms from Bonne Engineering saves the cost of buying a tractor. The trailer brooms can be towed by vehicles of 1.5 tonne towing capacities and upwards.

Under trailer broom, the SE6T model has a sweep width of 2000 millimetres and brush diameter of 860 millimetres. It has a sweep angle of 30 degree in the left as well as the right side. Trailer brooms use steel brushes, ploy brushes or a mix of both kinds of brushes.

The trailer brooms from Bonne Engineering have high performance, low maintenance and low brush wearing. These brooms can be towed by a variety of towing vehicles for sweeping operations. They have a remote control operated raising, angling and lowering of brushes. These brooms are readily towed from one site to another, which helps in saving a substantial amount of cost and time.