Thirty seven years of experience in industry has helped Bonne Engineering to manufacture safe and efficient incineration systems, brushes, dryers and slashers that are also technically advanced and environment friendly.

The high temperature incineration systems from Bonne Engineering are a safe and efficient option of destroying wastes. The incineration systems manufactured by Bonne Engineering are environment friendly and thus they create a good image regarding the products and the company.

The incineration systems are designed on the basis of the products to be destroyed, the loading requirements, preferred hours of burning and the degree of sophistication required by the customers. The incineration systems from Bonne Engineering range from a capacity of 25 Kg/Hr to 500 Kg/ Hr.

These incineration systems are used for destroying a wide range of wastes such as hospital waste, industrial waste, sewage plant skimmings, obsolete drugs, wood and sawdust, security documents. It also destroys municipal wastes, quarantine wastes, animal and poultry carcases, obsolete currency and waste oils.

Bonne Engineering offers Elliptic incinerators that are huge in shape, having high structural strength. It has an active gas action which provides proper burning of wastes due to the expansion and contraction of the gases.