Equitilt architectural walling, a range of insulated façade panels from Bondor, has been installed in a horizontal orientation on a building on the University of Western Sydney campus.

Bondor’s architectural insulated façade is made exclusively from Australian BlueScope Colorbond steel, and features a high performing EPS-FR or MW core. Equitilt EPS-FR walling is over 25 times more efficient as an insulation medium than pre-cast concrete of equivalent thickness, while its lightweight construction allows reduced load-bearing footings and structural supports.

Equitilt insulated wall panels are available in a range of colours and finishes to meet aesthetic expectations.

Installed in both horizontal as well as vertical orientation, Equitilt architectural walling is highly versatile with its broad range of modern colours, metallic finishes as well as profile choices expanding application scope in both interior and exterior environments. Equitilt offers designers an attractive finish without compromising structural integrity or thermal efficiency.

Key features of Equitilt architectural walling include choice of two insulating cores in high thermal performing Expanded Polystyrene with fire-retardant (EPS-FR) or non-combustible Mineral Wool (MW); three profile options - Plain, Shadowline and Series 600; attractive palette of 11 colours; and FM approval and BCA compliance.