SolarSpan by Bondor has been selected by Jamie Durie to create a stunning outdoor room for a Sydney teenager recovering from a serious brain injury. Bondor is Australia’s leading manufacturer of insulated building panels.

Liam Knight, the Sydney teenager sustained a serious brain injury following a pole-throwing incident at an 18th birthday party in 2012. He miraculously survived and his fighting spirit never dimmed despite months of surgeries and rehabilitation, even sitting for his HSC exams in October this year, after missing the first two terms of Year 12. Liam has ambitions to study aerospace engineering.

Mr Durie chose SolarSpan, Australia’s leading all-in-one roof, ceiling and insulation product, to help create a stunning outdoor room as part of a backyard renovation at Liam’s family home in northern Sydney. The renovation is being featured on the Channel Nine television programme, Summer with the Australian Women’s Weekly, hosted by Shelley Craft.

Liam’s father is currently suffering from a terminal illness while his mother works two jobs to support the family of four teenage boys. 

Bondor general manager Geoff Marsdon said his team had been greatly moved by Liam’s incredible story of survival and the company was pleased to supply and install SolarSpan insulated panels for the TV special. SolarSpan by Bondor has assisted Jamie Durie on several TV projects in the past.

Mr Durie said he had specified SolarSpan for the Summer with the Australian Women’s Weekly renovation because he wanted Liam and his family to have a functional as well as beautiful outdoor room. He wanted a space that offered shelter from the heat of summer but also provided all the creature comforts of an indoor living room outdoors.

He chose the SolarSpan insulated patio roof structure for Liam's backyard makeover because they had to complete the project in three days, which was enabled by the SolarSpan product.

Mr Durie described SolarSpan as an instant fix, a solution that offered the practical aspects as well as delivered all the attractive lifestyle aspects needed for the transformation.

Well versed in the benefits of SolarSpan, Mr Durie has been specifying the roofing product for about 13 years, ever since his Backyard Blitz days. He explains SolarSpan is easy to construct, has low maintenance requirements, offers insulation, reduces noise, is strong and durable and can be decorated to any style.