The benefits of long-span roofing products within the commercial sector offer the market economical and practical solutions. Single skin sheeting and insulated panel systems provide the best solutions. There are however a number of vital aspects that need to be considered when specifying long-span roofing. Failing to do so could ultimately lead to premature roof system failure, as there are a variety of detailing and installation methods that must be considered for Australia’s harsh and ever-changing climate.

A new whitepaper, commissioned by steel roofing experts Bondor, has been released outlining the considerations for long-span roofing in the commercial sector. Understanding long-span roofing: Considerations for commercial applications examines the two most popular types of long-span roofing – single skin sheeting and insulated panel roofing – and some of the issues these styles of roofing face.

The whitepaper discusses in detail three main problem areas faced by steel roofing – water entry, corrosion, steel coatings and warranties, as well as thermal expansion and contraction. Each section explains how the problem occurs, as well as what can be done to amend it.

The paper goes on to outline how Bondor/Metecno’s world-first roofing solution, SecureLap® is the perfect solution to the highlighted issues.

Free to download, the whitepaper is essential reading for architects, specifiers, and designers considering long-span roofing for their commercial projects.

For more information on the considerations for specifying long-span roofing for commercial applications, download Understanding long-span roofing: Considerations for commercial applications.