Australia’s leader in thermal and architectural building solutions, Bondor announces the launch of a new range of architectural panels offering greater design choice and performance.

Bondor’s new MetecnoInspire is a premium architectural product that maximises design flexibility and drives efficiency through impressive thermal performance and quicker build times. MetecnoInspire provides a bold and colourful external appearance with excellent thermal properties while also presenting a clean and practical painted surface inside.

Offering a modern colour palette and several different surface options, MetecnoInspire inspires architects, builders and designers with greater choice in insulated panels.

MetecnoInspire can be specified through BIM technology, with BIM’s product library allowing users to conceptualise designs using Bondor’s insulated panel systems.

According to Bondor’s National Sales Manager Glen Roberts, while the new product offers an attractive building surface, the build speed enabled by the insulated panel presents a great benefit to clients. MetecnoInspire simplifies construction, minimises trade requirements on the building site and ensures a quicker, smoother installation using a concealed fix-system that connects panels together.

MetecnoInspire is being rolled out at building sites across the country, with panels being specified at supermarket developments, vehicle dealerships and commercial precincts.

A major milestone in the evolution of Bondor’s insulated panel systems, MetecnoInspire has been fine-tuned and tested to Australia’s highest standards over the past 12 months to ensure its fit for the Australian built environment.

Manufactured in Australia using Australian made Bluescope Steel and tested to Australian Standards, Bondor and Metecno products mitigate the risks associated with non-compliant imported products, eliminating any potential for material failure in future.

Autodesk Revit library files and a detailed tutorial on the program are now available on Bondor’s website for incorporating MetecnoInspire within building designs.