The new $20 million Bondor / Metecno manufacturing facility in Campbellfield, Melbourne is being seen as a significant investment in Australian manufacturing at a time when several manufacturers are closing down.

The 14,500-square-metre factory includes a state-of-the-art production line from leading German equipment manufacturer Hennecke, with an annual capacity to produce over two million square metres of insulated panels.

Describing the factory as an important addition to the company’s existing facilities around Australia, Bondor / Metecno Australia Group Executive General Manager, Geoff Marsdon said the new facility demonstrated the group’s commitment to local manufacturing and the Australian economy.

According to Mr Marsdon, the factory represents a major investment in the long term future of the company, significantly increasing their capacity and flexibility to produce a range of energy efficient steel faced insulated panel products, all of which are tested to Australian Standards.

Observing that Australian power prices had increased by 63 per cent since 2007, he said the rising cost of power can be addressed by reducing the energy required to heat or cool a building, which can be achieved with superior performing building envelopes.

Metecno PIR General Manager Colin Richman said the factory will allow Bondor / Metecno to enhance their service and product offering to their customers. The new factory will produce lightweight thermally efficient and fire retardant steel faced insulated panels in addition to developing new products such as MetecnoKasset, their façade and curtain wall system.

Metecno has utilised its own building products MetecnoSpan (a PIR insulated roofing panel with fire-retardant core) and MetecnoInspire (an insulated architectural façade system with fire-retardant core) in the build. Metecno’s insulated panel products maintain temperature at 15-16 degrees Celsius, regardless of the exterior temperature, ensuring temperature control.

According to Mr Richman, insulated panel roofing and walling systems such as the products used on the new factory, are becoming an Australian standard, driven by objectives such as energy efficiency and installer safety as well as higher quality work output through better employee comfort.

The new factory was constructed by local builders, Corplex Pty Ltd and roofing installers JJ Roofing, who said the Bondor / Metecno insulated building products increased the speed of the build. The ease of installation allowed the facility to be completed quickly.