Australia’s leading supplier of insulated panels and thermal building solutions, Bondor is building a cubby house from scratch to raise money for a great cause.

Taking part in the Kids Under Cover Cubby House Challenge, Bondor is working with micro-living specialists Build It Yourself and architect Fraser Paxton to construct an eco-friendly cubby featuring a striking design and offering several environment-friendly, sustainable benefits.

Made using some of Bondor’s signature products, the cubby is expected to make an impact in the competition.

Bondor National Product Manager Paul Adams said the team had worked to integrate elements that suited the Bondor philosophy while having a design appealing to kids. The cubby house will have the usual Bondor features provided to any client including a cool insulated frame and great colour theme as well as plenty of space for the kids to play in, which is an important requirement in any cubby design.

Architect Fraser Paxton said he wanted to incorporate an element of mystery into the design, by making it blend into the environment. The rooftop garden for instance, keeps the cubby house cool and helps it blend in as well while the different levels of transparency in the windows and the screen by the front door provide enough mystery and playfulness to allow for plenty of imaginative games.

Kids Under Cover supports vulnerable young people between the ages of 12 and 25 who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The Kids Under Cover Cubby House Challenge brings together members of the building community to design, build and decorate creative cubby houses for public viewing and auction.

Kids Under Cover will use money raised to place freestanding, reusable studios in the backyards of families in need to relieve pressure on overcrowded households.

All entries will be on display at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show from 25 March to 29 March 2015.