Bondor is an Australian company that was established in the 1950s. In 1986 it developed the original patented slip joint system for joining insulated panels. Since then they have become a leader in thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels. They are continuously working on developing solutions for industrial and commercial building customers all around Australia and have experienced staff based in every state.

The company has a full range of insulated panel products and systems available and they are the only manufacturer, distributor and installer of the following range:

  • EPS cored panels
  • Factory mutual approved PIR cored panels
  • Factory mutual approved mineral fibre cored panels
Bondor architectural panels have been manufactured with an outer, prepainted skin of Colorbond steel and meet all Australian building codes and regulations. Bondor's position in the market place means that they can offer their customers impartial advice on the right architectural panels to meet their particular conditions and requirements.