Bondor  is one of the leading companies that provide roof panels. The equideck roof panels offered by Bondor work like a barrier to the weather. A smooth underside ceiling of metal is also provided in it. These equideck roof panels insulated roof panels are ideal to be used in cold stores, retail and showroom premises, wine stores and sports centres.

The solarspan roof panels from Bondor are such insulated roof panels whose upper skin is ribbed. A smooth underside ceiling finish is also provided in these panels and these are suitable to be used in outdoor rooms and walkways that are covered.

The purline roof panels offered by Bondor are cost effective insulated roof panels. The steel skin on the top of these panels is highly tensile. These panels come with vinyl under skin which is embossed and polyisocyanurate foam insulation. These insulated panels offered by Bondor are ideal to be used in factories, agricultural buildings and warehouses.

Bondor also offers equitilt wall panels which are insulated wall panels and ideal for architectural applications. These insulated panels are easily installable. These can be installed vertically or horizontally. The external face of these panels can be finished beautifully as the face is made of metal.