California Scents Australia  was established in 90’s with a new idea of offering air fresheners in Southern California area. California Scents Australia specialises in offering air fresheners like Coronado Cherry and Laguna Breeze that are packed in comfortable recyclable aluminium cans.

Bondi Air Fresheners is a company who offers imported spillproof organic car scents across Australia. California Scents Australia also offered many different fragrances which enhances the sense to greater extent. California Scents Australia offers a wide range of fragrance ranging from fruity to floral scents like mango, pineapple, cherry, strawberry, lavender, jasmine, gardenia, etc.

Bondi Air Fresheners offers a wide range of products ranging from Spillproof Orgnaic air freshener to crystals, gels, non-aerosols assorted fragrance sprays and citrus based, etc. California Scents Australia offers environmentally and long lasting products with a diverse range of scents like Hugo Boss, CK, Christon Dior and other floral scents which is ideal for caravan, office, home, boat and cars.