TIP-ON, the mechanical opening support system from Blum for TANDEM and TANDEMBOX drawers and pull-outs, provide a simple, handle-less access solution.  

Just a touch on the drawer front is all that is required for reliable and easy opening. Once open, the drawer can be stopped in any position. TIP-ON can also be used with wide frontals thanks to the specially developed synchronisation feature.  

TANDEM and TANDEMBOX pull-outs close easily with a gentle push. The TIP-ON mechanism latches securely and holds the drawers closed.  

TIP-ON can be used where there are no electrical outlets as is often the case in bathroom, wardrobe, and furniture applications. With TIP-ON for TANDEM and TANDEMBOX, functional opening comfort is achievable in non-electrical environments.  

The entire TIP-ON for TANDEM and TANDEMBOX range can be easily and quickly assembled. A special template makes construction even easier, enabling simple pre-drilling of fixing positions for the locking mechanism and synchronisation unit.  

No additional depth is required in the cabinet or drawer to accommodate TIP-ON, as all the components are fitted to its underside. TANDEM and TANDEMBOX drawers and pull-outs can be assembled as normal. Depth adjustment is tool-free.  

TIP-ON is a small programme with a wide range of applications, from standard cabinets to special solutions such as the Blum sink drawer.