Servo-Drive technology from Blum Australia makes opening kitchen doors and kitchen drawers easier. Based on an electrical opening support system, Servo-Drive works so that just a light push, touch or nudge on the front of a drawer or a light pull on the handle of a drawer, will make it automatically open up.

As a result Servo-Drive allows more freedom of motion and smarter ergonomic furniture for comfort in any living area. The Servo-Drive is consistent with Blum Australia’s desire to provide quality silent, effortless motion systems for drawers.

Advantages the Servo-Drive system provides for the kitchen user:

  • Automatic opening with just a light touch or pull
  • No fixed connection to the drive system
  • Silent and effortless closing

Advantages the Servo-Drive system provides for the manufacturer/fitter:

  • Suitable for all nominal lengths
  • Simple assembly
  • Tool free assembly