1st of March, 2012, sees the release of Blum Australia ’s innovative Expando range.

With Blum’s Expando range hinges and fixing brackets can be fitted faster into the pre-drilled holes when using a CNC or nesting machine, therefore eliminating the need to use a knock-in ram. The fixing screw is simply screwed into the pre-drilled hole and the expanding dowel will fasten the hardware into the material.

Another advantage of the Expando range is that fixing screws can be fitted after processing has been completed. Gap free installation can be achieved and fronts can easily be stacked without the hardware damaging finished parts as fittings can quickly be installed at a later stage of production.

Consequently, the Expando range will benefit large volume manufactures as it will help reduce associated labour costs when using knock-in fittings. Stuart Fell, Blum Product Manager, explains that independent cabinet makers will also benefit from the “ease of installation of the Expando fittings”.

The new Expando range consists of:

  • 110° Standard CLIP top BLUMOTION
  • 95° Profile CLIP top BLUMOTION
  • 95° Blind corner CLIP top BLUMOTION
  • 155° Zero Protrusion CLIP top
  • AVENTOS HK-S front fixing bracket;and
  • AVENTOS HS/HL/HK front fixing bracket.