Innovative opening and closing for lift systems inspiring new function and design opportunities in cabinets are now available from Blum Australia .  

Lift systems on cabinets open and close automatically in perfect motion with a brief touch on the front and a simple press of a button.  

Blum’s electrical support system SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS makes it all possible.  

SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS can be used with all Blum lift system models including the bi-fold lift systems, up and over lift systems as well as lift up and stay lifts.  

Total unhindered access to the cabinet interior is provided by the upward opening of the lift systems. SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS opens up many design opportunities including handle-less furniture, extra-wide fronts and fronts constructed from heavy materials.  

Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS focuses completely on the kitchen user. Even when the switch has just been pressed for closing, the closing procedure is halted immediately if the kitchen user reaches into the cabinet or an object is placed between the cabinet and the front.  

Up to three SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS drive units can be set for synchronised motion, which is ideal for several cabinets that share the same wide frontal. Collision avoidance can be set with the drive units so that only one front opens at a time. This is particularly important for corner units so that fronts do not open simultaneously.  

Wayne Chance, Blum Product Manager says that the best thing about installing SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS is the tool-free assembly.  

Assembly of SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS is practically tool-free and the piercing technology makes cabling extremely easy.  

SERVO-DRIVE allows the kitchen user to experience trouble-free opening of kitchen cabinets. A single system automatically opens pullouts and lift systems as the individual cabling components for the base and wall cabinets are the same. Only one transformer is required for power supply to the entire kitchen.