TANDEMBOX intivo is a new line of drawer systems launched by Blum Australia as an addition to the successful range of Blum TANDEMBOX drawers.  

TANDEMBOX intivo drawer systems have been introduced to meet the demands of a sophisticated market while offering excellent design opportunities for cabinet customisation.  

A new addition to the internationally award-winning Blum TANDEMBOX product range, the TANDEMBOX intivo line opens up a new world of design possibilities for pull-outs and drawers.  

TANDEMBOX intivo drawer systems feature the same advanced running capabilities of the proven TANDEM runner systems by Blum and are equipped with the silent drawer closing mechanism, BLUMOTION.  

Blum National Sales and Marketing Manager, David Noakes says that the TANDEMBOX intivo range offers the option to create truly customised drawers that would benefit businesses tremendously.  

The TANDEMBOX intivo line offers customers the flexibility to customise these drawer systems to their preferences and smarter businesses can use this product as a branding tool to differentiate themselves within the homogenous marketplace by creating their own design selection.  

TANDEMBOX intivo drawer sides are available in three sophisticated finishes: silk white, terra black and stainless steel.  

The TANDEMBOX intivo line of drawer systems offers several design possibilities:

  • Customers can in fact combine the drawer sides with a variety of design elements to create numerous possibilities using the BOXCOVER option.  
  • For a harmonious look the drawer side can be created from one material and colour using the BOXCAP option.
  • The interior of the furniture can be matched or contrasted with the outside.

Key features of TANDEMBOX intivo drawer systems

  • Features all components of the TANDEMBOX range including:
    • Inner drawers
    • Space Corner with SYNCROMOTION
    • Sink pull-out and larder unit
    • ORGA-LINE accessories
  • All options are available in the three colour selections and are easy to install
  • Glass design element is also available from Blum