Extending Blum’s sophisticated and elegant LEGRABOX offer is LEGRABOX free – creating new design options for LEGRABOX pull-outs and the addition of Anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel to the LEGRABOX range. The extension of Blum’s LEGRABOX offer provides even more scope for individualised, harmonious designs throughout the home.

Characterised by large surface area design elements, LEGRABOX free offers the freedom to individualise pull-outs. The design elements pair beautifully with the drawer side adding a touch of luxury to furniture throughout the home.

LEGRABOX free glass design elements, for example; give the premium pull-out an open and light overall appearance which is ideal with Blum’s SPACE TOWER pantry solution. Each
pull-out can be opened individually, giving users easy access and clear visibility from all three sides.

Harmonious in combination with their complementary colour offer LEGRABOX free can be elegantly paired with LEGRABOX pure to suit a range of requirements and tastes. Both options; “pure” with seamless sides and “free” with design elements blend harmoniously into every living area, creating a coherent look across kitchens, bedrooms and living areas.

The tried and tested BLUMOTION soft-close ensures LEGRABOX drawers and pull-outs close silently and effortlessly. SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system provides enhanced opening ease. Blum’s new motion technology – TIP-ON BLUMOTION the 100% mechanical opening and soft-closing support system combines two motion technologies ensuring drawers and pull-outs open reliably with a press on the front (TIP-ON) and close silently and effortlessly (BLUMOTION).

AMBIA-LINE, the inner dividing systems specifically designed for LEGRABOX, consist of elegant frames that ensure the interiors of LEGRABOX drawers and pull-outs are perfectly organised. New to Blum’s AMBIA-LINE offer is the AMBIA-LINE bottle drawer solution. AMBIA-LINE drawer frames are combined with the bottle drawer set providing secure storage of oil, vinegar and sauce bottles.

The AMBIA-LINE design complements LEGRABOX in colour and style, extending the timeless elegance of LEGRABOX throughout the home.

For more information on Blum’s LEGRABOX and AMBIA-LINE range or to visit your nearest showroom contact your local Blum representative or visit www.blum.com