Blum Australia  has moved their Queensland operation to a new 1000m² office and showroom in Underwood.

The move to larger premises was necessitated by Blum’s recent growth, with the company requiring room for training and presentations. The relocation is also being seen as an opportunity to increase exposure to end consumers.

Blum’s new Queensland showroom has been divided into specific function areas including a conceptual product display showcase, a home application displays section and a dynamic kitchen design space.

TANDEMBOX intivo, CLIP top BLUMOTION and AVENTOS lift systems are displayed in the product displays showcase while Blum’s home application products are displayed in a variety of scenarios including bathroom, home office, wardrobe and home entertainment. A DYNAMIC SPACE kitchen clearly demonstrates the benefits of designing a kitchen with functionality and workflow in mind.

According to Mark Hahn, Blum State Sales Manager, the Kitchen-Test Drive concept consists of a room with functional and movable cabinetry that allows visitors to set up their kitchen according to their proposed plan.

Blum also offers technical product training to architects, designers, cabinet makers, distributors and end consumers at the showroom’s workshop. DYNAMIC SPACE workshops are held regularly to provide research information and concepts to industry professionals.

Blum Queensland Showroom Consultant, Linda Wrice offers an informative tour of the showroom detailing products and concepts benefitting customer requirements. The showroom is open Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm.