ORGA-LINE kitchen accessories, designed as practical solutions for modern kitchens to ease kitchen tasks and provide better organisation are now available from Blum Australia .  

ORGA-LINE kitchen accessories offer remarkable organisation in any drawer allowing a range of containers, lateral dividers and cross dividers to be arranged efficiently.    

ORGA-LINE kitchen accessories help store everything including bottles, pots and cutlery securely and within easy reach.  

Blum Product Manager, Michelle Sung says that ORGA-LINE is the heart of a functional kitchen.  

These kitchen accessories help avoid constant and unnecessary rummaging by ensuring a well-organised drawer.  

Providing impressive organisation to any kitchen, the ORGA-LINE kitchen accessories set comprises of: 

  • 2 spice holders
  • 2 plate holders
  • 1 knife holder
  • 1 film dispenser
  • 1 foil dispenser

Michelle says that the film dispensers and foil dispensers allow use of cling film without any creases and foil without tears respectively. The dispensers can easily be used in and out of drawers.  

Blum’s ORGA-LINE knife holders are suitable for big or small knives with room for up to nine pieces.  

All spice jars and containers can be held in the ORGA-LINE spice holders, which can be removed from the drawer and placed on the work surface for convenience.  

The adjustable ORGA-LINE plate holders are designed for plates to fit perfectly and can also accommodate various plate sizes, neatly stacking up to twelve plates.  

Rubber feet on the plate holder ensure plates stay secure when in the drawer while the dual handle allows the plate holder to be easily removed from the drawer and transported to the table.  

Containers provided with Blum ORGA-LINE kitchen accessories are dishwasher-safe.