Blum Australia  is a premium manufacturer and supplier of lift systems and modern hinge systems that attach the cabinet doors to cabinets. Various door opening angles and distances can be achieved by using the hinges offered by Blum Australia. Through BLUMOTION, Blum Australia’s new technique, effortless and silent opening and closing of doors is also possible.

CLIP top model of hinges from Blum Australia provides a wide opening angle thereby enabling easy access to the inside o the cabinet. Tool free assembly and removal of these hinges makes them easy to install and also be used for a wide variety of applications. Because of their ergonomical design, even doors swung with force will close soundlessly and with ease. They also come with comfortable, three dimensional door adjustments and extensive durability. The MODUL hinge system has a very practical design which acts as the right solution for many applications. With a combination of slide on and screw on features, the MODUL hinge system has been used for varied types of cabinet doors and fronts.

The BLUMOTION technique of Blum Australia is also incorporated with various CLIP top hinge models and can be attached onto the top hinge, embedded for overlay application in the adapter plates and also used for drilling.