Blum Australia  introduces their CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge, the latest innovation in their range of kitchen cabinet and drawer fittings. Winner of the internationally recognised and much sort after iF product design award, the new hinge solution meets the trend towards sleek and simple design.

Doors that close softly and silently are already typical features of modern furniture, however, until now, the soft closing action was only achievable with a separate dampening system that had to be drilled in or clipped on.

Due to Blum’s continuous effort for perfect motion, the BLUMOTION feature has been integrated into the hinge itself.

The main challenge involved fitting a highly complex system into a very small space within the hinge boss.

Marketing communications manager, Alicia Draper, explained, “Technology, engineering and innovation never cease to amaze me and Blum’s relentless drive to perfection is not only inspiring, but it’s what makes Blum and Blum products stand out from the rest. CLIP top BLUMOTION is a technical masterpiece that functions like clockwork.”

CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges from Blum also feature a deactivation switch for small or light doors, and with thick doors, the improved pivot point ensures doors open without knocking against each other while achieving a smaller door gap.

CLIP top BLUMOTION cabinet hinges can be fitted with existing mounting plates and the hinge also has the tried and tested 3-dimensional adjustment technology which makes adjustment simple.