Blum Australia will introduce its brand and product innovations at the upcoming Australian Healthcare Week 2015 being held in Sydney from 24th March to 26th March 2015. As a sponsor of the event, Blum will present its product and service offerings to the Australian healthcare industry along with some important insights.

Blum has been conducting extensive research into the requirements of all kitchen users worldwide for over 60 years. The company uses the AGE EXPLORER suit as part of their research to help in creating fitting solutions for the kitchen and furniture throughout the home to meet user requirements.

The AGE EXPLORER suit is used to simulate physical limitations from movement, sight, touch and hearing, with findings from the exercise assisting Blum with unique insights that help with the development of a comprehensive range of high quality industry leading products designed to significantly enhance user convenience and ergonomics in the kitchen and home.

Over the two-day exhibition, Blum will share some interesting findings from their extensive research by conducting live demonstrations utilising the AGE EXPLORER suit. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the world of the ageing population and the challenges placed by physical limitations on everyday activities.

Blum is also sponsoring an Aged Care CEO Roundtable on 24th March at the conference providing the company the perfect forum to establish its brand presence amongst highly respected stakeholders of the Aged Care sector. Blum will also use the opportunity to further expand their knowledge on challenges faced and opportunities available within current and future aged care projects.

Director of Sales and Marketing David Noakes explains that Australian Healthcare Week is an exciting opportunity for Blum to explore and learn about the various divisions that make up the Australian Healthcare industry as well as building their own brand awareness and profile amongst key stakeholders within the industry.

Organised by the International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC), the Australian Healthcare Week will be held in Sydney’s Australian Technology Park under the banner ‘Future proofing Australian Healthcare provision through facilities design, development and technology’.