Blum Australia  presents the SERVO-DRIVE uno electric opening systems suitable for kitchen waste disposal and separation systems.  

SERVO-DRIVE uno electric opening support systems are easy to mount and available as an individual preassembled set for standing waste separation systems. The Blum SERVO-DRIVE uno set comprises of a drive unit, attachment brackets, drip guard, bumpers and plug power supply including cabling.  

Blum also offers a similar solution for hanging waste separation systems to ensure that waste pull-outs can be opened with ease. Opening and closing of the waste pull-outs is gentle and effortless with the proven BLUMOTION soft-close feature.  

Alicia Draper, Blum Marketing Communications Manager says that SERVO-DRIVE uno electric opening systems address the specific problem of opening the pull-out to the waste bin with the hands full in the middle of cooking.  

SERVODRIVE uno is designed to be opened with just a light touch of the hip, knee or foot, eliminating the need to use the otherwise occupied or dirty hands to open the pull-out.  

Draper recommends the SERVO-DRIVE uno to be used as a standard feature in the cleaning zone to make work in the kitchen easier and more comfortable.  

Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE uno electric opening systems can be utilised in all areas of the home. For instance, furniture with or without handles can be opened with ease and grace.  

Blum’s fitting systems epitomise superior quality with their excellent function, recognised design and durability.