Blum Australia has introduced a revised TIP-ON programme that provides more design options for handle-less doors and stay lifts throughout the home. Blum now offers a new range of colours and applications along with new features to support easy use and installation.

New trends in modern furniture design are seeing handle-less fronts playing an ever increasing role. Austrian furniture fittings manufacturer Blum’s new system is aligned with these trends to enhance the design and functionality of furniture.

Key features of Blum’s TIP-ON mechanical opening support system include ability to achieve functional opening comfort and freedom of motion for doors in base and wall cabinets when combined with the proven unsprung CLIP top hinge; and compatibility with AVENTOS HK series - AVENTOS HK, AVENTOS HK-S and AVENTOS HK-XS allowing for freedom of design in wall cabinets.

AVENTOS lifts offer an ergonomic wall cabinet solution enabling easy access to cabinet interiors as well as unhindered movement. Cabinets can be opened at a convenient angle easily with a gentle push on the front releasing the door or lift system. A new housing enclosing the unit allows quiet closing of furniture, by enabling the catch plate to hit the housing when closing, rather than the magnet itself. A latch function secures the door or lift after being gently pushed closed with the TIP-ON magnet ensuring the front remains securely closed.

Adjustment ease has been enhanced for doors and AVENTOS stay lifts with the door gap adjustment now integrated in every TIP-ON unit. The door gap, which is needed to open handle-less fronts, can now be easily adjusted with the integrated adjustment feature.

The new programme from Blum ensures the right TIP-ON unit is available for every door and AVENTOS stay lift application in a choice of two colours – Silk white and Terra black, along with a short and long version. The TIP-ON unit can be drilled directly into the edge of the cabinet or combined with the rectangular adapter plate for fixing to the interior of the cabinet to create a sleek and discreet look.

Blum Marketing Manager, Kylie Peterson observes that the new TIP-ON further reinforces Blum’s commitment to ensuring their products satisfy the design potential of furniture as well as provide simplified installation and optimal functionality.