Fittings manufacturer Blum’s deep commitment to environmental protection has once again been recognised at the global level with its exemplary energy management system being certified with the new ISO 50001 standard.

Convinced that sensible environmental activities produce economic benefits in the long term, Blum has taken environmentally sustainable measures in various fields. The company has been rewarded for their commendable energy policy and has received certification to the new standard in September 2012.

Brett Ambrose, Blum managing director explains that environmental protection is extremely important to the company as they believe that the health of the environment is closely linked with the health of society in general. Blum therefore focuses on sustainability as part of its corporate mission to ensure an enjoyable future for all.

Important prerequisites for Blum’s certification of the ISO 50001 standard included clearly defined goals through Blum’s energy policy and record key performance indicators. The audit focused on the company’s energy performance, in particular the methods used to increase its energy efficiency. Blum’s efforts are comprehensive and based on years of environment-friendly measures.

For instance, Blum recovers heat from production processes for heating purposes, resulting in 45% energy savings. The company also recycles waste and uses groundwater for air conditioning and cooling of machinery, all of which help to save energy.

The ISO 50001 is a set of standards that a company must meet in regards to installation, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of an energy management system. The main objective of the Standard is to improve energy-related performance, maximise energy efficiency and achieve energy savings. Companies willing to implement energy management systems are rewarded with monetary savings as well as being able to contribute toward environmental and climate protection by achieving a permanent reduction in CO2 emissions.

In addition to Blum’s ISO 50001 energy management system certification, the company currently holds an ISO 14001 certification for their excellent environmental management systems.

Blum is represented in Australia by Blum Australia .