Blum Australia  offers Servo-drive, an electric drive opening support system. The Servo-drive supports the opening action of high fronted pull-outs and drawers. Mounting is quick and easy.

Servo-drive, the electric drive that opens drawers and pull-outs, has not only been designed for end users, providing enhanced user comfort and functionality.

By combining this feature with Blumotion, for silent and effortless closing action, Blum Australia has created new levels of motion quality.

Kitchen customers will be pleased by the ease of use, quality and freedom of motion. A light touch on the drawer front or a light pull of the handle and drawers will open as if by themselves. It also does not matter how or where the person touches the front.

The product is also geared to kitchen manufacturers, for the innovation is extremely easy to mount. To fit Servo-drive, no modifications need be made to pull-out systems.

The electric drive is simply attached to the carcase back inside the cabinet. The most important components of Servo-drive can even be mounted without tools.

Official launch

The official launch of Servo-drive will be 1 July 2008 and will be the focus at Blum Australia's upcoming product launch at Sydney's historic Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont.

The function will not only mark the official release of the product, it will also feature a rare insight to the science behind Blum Australia’s products and window into key research and development subjects for the future.

Easy maintenance

Spare parts can be replaced without tools. All Servo-drive components are maintenance-free. In addition, the new electric drive does not come under Machinery Guidelines nor under Electrical Equipment Regulations and that is why fitters need no special licence for installation.