Blum  invited over 500 guests to witness the official launch of Servo-Drive, the electric drive that opens drawers and pull-outs. The event was held at the picturesque Doltone House-Pyrmont, Sydney. During the evening customers, guests, industry associations and media were given an invaluable insight to the Blum Formula, Research and Development = Perfecting Motion.

During the evening Blum presented their customers with information on the kitchen observations they do around the world, including Australia. The objective of the kitchen observation is to place themselves in the consumer’s home and study how they use the kitchen and surrounding area. This provides Blum valuable insight to the end user of their product, the consumer. With this research Blum continue to develop and refine their products, and it supports them as they continually strive to implement their Global Customer Benefits philosophy. That is, that anyone that uses Blum product be it manufacturer, installer, retailer or consumer will enjoy a positive experience when using Blum product.

Also shown on the night were two concept products, intivo Tandembox drawer system and Aventos lift system featuring Servo-Drive. This part of the demonstration reinforced Blum’s ongoing product development and focus on, Perfecting Motion.  

The presentation concluded with a live demonstration of the research tool, the Age Explorer suit. The Age Explorer is a simulation suit for movement restrictions. It has been developed by the Meyer-Hentschel Institute (Germany) together with doctors and geriatric researchers. 

Once again Blum’s focus here is to support the end consumer when making such a serious investment in their home, a new kitchen. Once you have decided on a kitchen, it is very difficult to change it later on. The requirements of kitchen users can change over 20 years of kitchen use. The reasons for this are that the body ages and moving becomes more difficult. Accidents can happen, back or knee problems or illnesses such as arthritis can occur. A pregnancy or having a child on the arm while cooking or preparing can make the handling of a kitchen more difficult.  

By providing a “ taste “ of 20 years from now to kitchen designers and consumers, Blum can support the decision making process and highlight why drawers and pull-outs improve ergonomics and access, rather than a door where bending and lifting could increasingly become more difficult.

Blum then invited guests to join them in the North Pier room of Jones Bay wharf for the official reveal of Servo-Drive, featuring the concept drawer systems intivo Tandembox.