Blum Australia  has supplied a wide range of furniture fittings for a newly opened environmentally sensitive home located in Armidale, NSW.  

Blum fitting systems are known for their well-thought-out function, recognised design, quality and durability.  

Developed by Kylie Mitchell Designs as a prototype for a unique housing concept, Art House One challenges the perception of living and traditional housing by literally combining art, building, compact green design and green living. Designer Kylie Mitchell hopes visitors calling into the house will think about their own homes and question the way they view and interact with their spaces.  

Art House One incorporates effective storage solutions and use of space into a compact design.  

Blum fittings such as TANDEMBOX intivo sink drawer, ORGA-LINE and the space-efficient pullout pantry were used to enhance storage in the small modern design to keep surfaces uncluttered. A total of 29 TANDEMBOX intivo sink drawers in Silk white and Terra black were used throughout the entire home.  

Kylie Mitchell explains that effective kitchen storage is a key element of the design with everything in the kitchen having a place with ease of access. This focus on storage is carried throughout the rest of the 72m² house.  

A single abstract theme has been carried through the external façade to the internal walls, furniture and kitchen finishes producing a single lived-in art work. Simple instruction techniques have been used to keep building costs to a minimum, enabling a greater focus on sustainable principles such as high levels of insulation and timber double glazed windows.  

Art House One is located at 68 Butler Street, Armidale, NSW and is open to the public from 30th March to 28th April, 2012, Saturdays 10am – 4pm and Tuesdays 2pm – 5pm.