Make individual furniture designs come to life using Blum Australia’s Design configurator to “build” unique design elements for different TANDEMBOX intivo kitchen pull-outs.  

Blum Australia’s Design configurator helps users try different colours, combinations and patterns of design elements in the finished kitchen pull-out.

The design elements of Blum Australia’s TANDEMBOX intivo kitchen pull-outs come in a wide array of materials and beautifully highlight furniture interiors, making every unit unique.

Until now, glass design elements have been limited to transparent or frosted glass. Now glass design elements can be printed with different décors in up to three colours. Additionally, Austrian fitting manufacturer Blum also offers TANDEMBOX intivo kitchen pull-out design elements in nine various types of artificial leather.

“Australian consumers are becoming more confident with their creativity and are experimenting with different materials, colours and patterns when decorating. They are combining different styles and fashioning their sole identities,” says Alicia Draper, Blum Australia Marketing Communications Manager.

“There is already a large appreciation for an aesthetically pleasing kitchen, why not combine design with function and adorn pull-outs with your own personal style,” she adds.

The Blum Australia Design configurator assists customers and consumers to make the most of the wide variety of design possibilities offered by TANDEMBOX intivo kitchen pull-outs.

Using the Design configurator, customers can select and modify décors and colours and try various combinations and designs. By viewing these in printed PDF form, which states the sample name and colour combination chosen, customers not only save time but also know exactly which design elements are to be ordered from hardware retailers.

Blum produces design elements for its customers with a minimum order quantity of 50 units.