The Blumotion range presents its adaptive clip top hinge system that can be easily integrated into existing cabinets and doors. The new clip top hinge system from the Blumotion range reflects the benchmark qualities of Blum Australia products- making closing doors a silent and effortless activity.

Blumotion clip top hinges have been created to extend optimum quality of motion through out the kitchen, as they can be fitted on most doors. Because Blumotion hinges are designed to adapt to almost any application, the Blumotion hinge system is simple and fast to install as they negate the need to change the hinge assembly. Once fitted, the Blumotion hinge creates a perfect closing motion.

The Blumotion clip top hinge is based on a uniquely engineered, highly adaptive system. Components include:

  • Braking element
  • Flow channels
As a result, the Blumotion adaptive hinge system works in relation to specifications of the door it is linked to, such as size, weight and speed. So even when doors are closed very quickly or with a lot of force, the Blumotion hinge system kicks in to bring the door to a silent, gentle halt.