Blum Australia  specialises in designing and manufacturing pull out systems, hinges and assembly devices that can be used with kitchen cabinets. In addition, pull out systems from Blum Australia can also be used in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms as well as offices. Blum Australia provides runners for wooden drawers and also complete pull out systems made of metal.

The models of pull out systems available are TANDEMBOX, TANDEM, METABOX and STANDARD. TANDEMBOX is an easy to install and use model that is used for constructing high fronted pull outs, drawers, inner drawers and inner pull outs. TANDEM is the runner system developed by Blum Australia for wooden drawers. These runner systems perform well even under heavy loads in high fronted pull outs.

METABOX is a widely used design that consists on an economical steel drawer along with high fronted pull out systems which can be integrated into the kitchen, bathroom and office furniture. The STANDARD model, as the name rightly suggests, is the proven model of runner system for drawers that enable easy opening and closing motions.

Blum Australia also manufactures assembly devices that include drilling and insertion machines, support machines for installing drawers and pull out systems and templates that enable easy transfer of exact measurements.