AVENTOS HK-S is the newest member of the AVENTOS family of lift systems available from Blum Australia . AVENTOS HK-S lift systems are particularly suited for small cabinets, providing the perfect application for over the refrigerator or wall oven.

Wayne Chance, Product Manager at Blum Australia, explained, “AVENTOS HK-S is fantastic for scaled down lift systems that are specially designed for stay lift applications on smaller fronts. It’s perfectly suited to cabinets positioned at the top of larder units and over appliances like wall ovens and microwaves.

AVENTOS HK-S completes the existing AVENTOS system programme so now there is an application for all situations”.

The lift mechanism was specifically designed for smaller stay lifts, making the AVENTOS HK-S cabinet hardware well suited for cabinet heights up to a maximum of 400mm.

Due to their size, AVENTOS HK-S lift systems fit harmoniously into smaller cabinets. There is now a corresponding AVENTOS lift system for all installation situations. Cornice or crown moulding can even be used if the height of the room allows.

The variable stop ensures AVENTOS HK-S lift systems remain in the desired position, and as the doors open upward, the cabinet hinges offer an excellent view into the cabinet interior. This enables comfortable and ergonomic access to the items stored.

AVENTOS HK-S lift systems offer a high degree of elegance when closing thanks to the intelligent technology of BLUMOTION. The adaptive system guarantees that fronts always close silently regardless of the size, weight or closing speed.

The AVENTOS HK-S fitting is delivered with a closed lever, meaning there are no protruding parts, offering safety during internal transport.

The front of the wall cabinet can be removed tool-free for quick and easy cabinet assembly onsite. This is due to Blum’s proven CLIP technology.