Quality, variety and solutions are abundant in Blum Australia ’s new 2011 catalogue and technical manual. Blum’s new catalogue consists of 848 pages of product information and technical support on their range of existing products, new products and assembly devices.

Blum’s DYNALOG 2.8 Limited is also included free for a 60 day trial and after this period, access to the electronic DYNACAT product catalogue and the DYNASHOP shopping basket applications remain unlimited. To maintain access to the cabinet planning function, DYNAPLAN; the full version of DYNALOG 2.8 can be ordered from Blum distributors.

The complete catalogue and technical manual is available in PDF format from the Blum website where it can be viewed online or downloaded. Every chapter can be downloaded separately and the PDF documents are also equipped with a full text search feature for the document that is currently opened.

Blum’s goal is to ensure furniture buyers enjoy the convenience and perfect function of fittings for the lifetime of the furniture. Blum monitors their products in real working environments as well as in testing labs, and any test results are incorporated into the manufacture and development of Blum products. Historically, this has allowed Blum to tailor new products to market requirements.