Due to an increasing shortage of flat land, builders and developers in south east Queensland are using steel to encourage construction on sloping sites that were previously overlooked and considered too expensive to build on.

Aurora Construction is building on sloping sites at two new developments – Coomera Waters in the northern Gold Coast region and Edenbrooke Estate in Brisbane’s western suburbs.

Patrick Brodie, owner of Aurora Construction, explains: “Flat land is hard to find in areas close to the city in south east Queensland, so we are now looking for a new approach to sloping sites that were previously thought too difficult to build upon.

“Steel foundations and framing are ideal to use on a sloping site as they eliminate the need to cut and fill the area, which in turn prevents erosion and enables the home to be designed to run with the natural contour of the land.

“They also allow for natural ventilation underneath the house, which assists with cooling in the warmer south east Queensland climate.

“As a result of this, we have chosen to use steel Mega Anchor footing systems and steel house framing made from TrueCore steel on all of our new developments.”

Building with steel gives builders and designers greater flexibility of design, allowing houses to be built on previously unpopular steep sites incorporating up to five levels in height and with plenty of space underneath to fit additional rooms and a rainwater tank. Also, steel is easy to use onsite as it is lightweight and prefabricated.

Once the house frames have been completed, each home at the two estates will be topped by a roof made from Colorbond steel.

Patrick Brodie adds: “I have been building with Colorbond steel for over 20 years now and would not use any other material for a roof.”

“Colorbond steel is strong and durable and highly efficient at collecting drinkable rainwater. As an environmentally friendly builder, there really is no other option.”

More information about TrueCore steel is available from BlueScope Steel .